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What type of businesses use confidential shredding services?

Quite simply, any! Any business that has redundant paperwork which contains sensitive information that may be used to cause harm to an individual or organisation and that if a data breach occurred, risk facing huge fines or worse. 

Why do I need a shredding service for my business?

If you have any documents that contain any personal information that you no longer require,  there is always a legal responsibility to protect that information and must dispose of it in a secure and eco friendly way to comply with General Data Protection Regulations, otherwise known as GDPR as well as comply with environmental legislation. The most efficient way to do this would be to outsource your shredding to a professional company.

This service is important as a data breach can put your company at risk including fines of up to £500,000.

For more information about data protection including the most up to date rules and regulations, click here.


Do I need to remove staples or paperclips?

Not at all, our industrial shredder wouldn’t blink an eye. All you need to do is pop the confidential material in the lockable bin or sealable bag provided.

Examples of confidential waste
  • Customer contact details
  • Contracts
  • Printed emails or other correspondence
  • Photo ID documents
  • Tax returns
  • Budgeting documents
  • Sales receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Payroll information
  • Voided cheques
  • Absence and sickness information
  • Disciplinary reports
  • Supplier information
  • Company structure documents
  • Any other documents containing personal information.
  • The above items are examples of a long list of what could be confidential waste, the basic rule of thumb is; if it contains information of any kind about a business or individual, and is no longer required, it then becomes confidential waste and must be handled, stored and destroyed in a secure and controlled way.


What happens to my confidential waste once it has been collected?

We collect the confidential waste from your business premises and transport it back to our facility for security shredding and baling. The baled material will then be transported to recycling centres for the recycling process to begin. All vehicles are tracked and have CCTV systems to monitor the loading, transport, unloading and shredding of the paper.

Do you do home collections?

Yes – we offer the same service regardless of wether you have a business premises, work from home or simply having a clear out and have a few bags of paperwork to shred & recycle. Our services are catered for everyone.

One off collections - Will you collect my confidential waste in my own carrier bags or boxes?

At Secure Shred we strive to uphold our professional control measures, therefore where possible, our Secure Shred operative will provide the means for you to empty your confidential waste out of any bags/boxes and into lockable wheelie bins for secure transport and shredding. This is a more professional alternative as the wheelie bin can be emptied straight into our security shredder via bin lift similar to a garbage truck. This provides a more controlled approach as our staff members wouldn’t have to handle your confidential material at any point during the entire process. 

About & Legal

Are Secure Shred staff security checked?

Yes, all our staff are vetted to the BS7858 Standard. This code of practice was introduced by BSI (British Standards Institution) for all employees that work within a secure environment.

Additionally our staff will be wearing Secure Shred photo Identification.

What accreditations does Secure Shred hold?

We have recently been awarded with the following Accreditations:

ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 45001 

We are also currently working towards the BS EN 15713 & UKSSA standards.

Additionally, all of our staff are security vetted to the BS7858 standard. They go through extensive background checks including a 10 year financial and criminal history check.

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